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Chasing moths going in and out of existence (or in and out of sight?)

Some Kantian aspects in the chaos of chasing a moth around the bathroom and trying to kill it.

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A Super Concise Presentation of Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic and Analytic.

A very short exposition of how the human is able to recognize the appearances as representations of objects instead of seeing appearances as things on their own as most likely the animals do.

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Comparing Kant’s first two critiques of pure reason and practical reason

Comparing the Critique of Pure Reason with that of Practical Reason and how they are similar and then looking at the differences. A very concise and rather superficial take.

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Kant’s Third Antinomy: the empirical and the intelligible character

An attempt to formulate and clearly express the relationship of a person’s “empirical character” (accepted by science as the object of experience and the thing on its own) and that person’s “intelligible character” (conceived of and imagined as the real thing on its own in a transcendental sense).

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Kant and the meaning of the “Anschauung”

A “brief” encapsulation of my current understanding of Kant’s “Anschauung”, equating it with “envisagement” or “looking” or “viewing” or “perspective” or “take” and explaining why I don’t like “intuition”.

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Another attempt at expressing the “brainarium” world

Another attempt to explain to an educated friend the three “things” of Kant, i.e., the specter/appearance/Erscheinung, the object on its own and the thing on its own (Ding an sich). Or: the sight of an object, the actual object sighted and finally the thing devoid of all predicates of human sighting.

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Kant and the Erscheinung

Exposition of my current take on the Kant’s “Erscheinung”.

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