A trinity: no more absurd than the left and right versions of hand

How a trinity is no more absurd than a binity like that of the human hand which has a left and a right version. The difference is that we (as humans) can look at such a binity and see that it makes sense, but we cannot look at a trinity (although some possible exceptions are examined).

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Further Analogies for: Three Perspectives on Abraham’s Defense against Kant’s Charge of Immoral Conduct

A rearrangement of, and an addition to, the analogies used in the original essay on Abraham’s defense against Kant’s charge of immoral conduct.

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The Awakening Atonement (and from a Wesleyan perspective)

An attempt at a new theory of atonement where Jesus dies in order to show people what they must do to obtain a new nature and a commensurate holiness. Added is a comment by Kant suggesting how such an approach can be compatible with any demand for justice (divine or mundane).

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Chasing moths going in and out of existence (or in and out of sight?)

Some Kantian aspects in the chaos of chasing a moth around the bathroom and trying to kill it.

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Looking At What’s Not There: A Circle In Midair

Taken from my journal of 4/18/1989 when I sought to make sense of Kant’s notion of the looking-at (something), the Anschauung.

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A Super Concise Presentation of Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic and Analytic.

A very short exposition of how the human is able to recognize the appearances as representations of objects instead of seeing appearances as things on their own as most likely the animals do.

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God’s “Left-hand Joke” leading to the Trinity and the Full Personhood of Women and a Sustainable Population

God speaks to angels about a creation, and they think it is a joke. Here we see how this “joke” leads to the hint of a trinity and to the full personhood of women before God and the law, and further advantages for the human race.

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Loss of spontaneity upon the advent of fear and death

A muse on how secrets and deceit destroy spontaneity and in that way produce a hell upon earth instead of the intended paradise.

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Nutshell of Kant’s Religion Within The Bounds Of Sheer Reason

A brief look at Kant’s thinking and intention for his book on moral religion.

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The Fit of Subjective and Objective Perceptions

Using an example of a dreamed event to secure the necessity of the affinity of all appearances, that they all fit together in a single nature.

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