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Recommendation for the Europeans dealing with Muslims

How the American’s Joseph Smith can be utilized by the Europeans to awaken the Muslims among them to the possibility of a fraud on the part of Mohammed’s Gabriel (but not on Mohammed himself).

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Jesus without a stenographer.

A speculation as to how it could be that Jesus would not want to engage a stenographer. Mohammed had stenographers to insure that his actual spoken words would be recited correctly, by turning them into recorded words. Jesus did not. Why not?

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Further Analogies for: Three Perspectives on Abraham’s Defense against Kant’s Charge of Immoral Conduct

A rearrangement of, and an addition to, the analogies used in the original essay on Abraham’s defense against Kant’s charge of immoral conduct.

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Some Muslim thinking regarding martyrdom.

A concise presentation of the elements in obtaining a paradise due to the sincerity of the conscientious Muslim martyr and aspiring martyr. Inspired by the troubled young Muslim of Chattanooga.

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Converting to Islam

Suggestions for potential converts to Islam: Kant finds Islam an extortionist religion and I find it (but not necessarily Muslims) immoral in its core.

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Are Christianity and Islam Inherently Dangerous?

Kant considers Christianity to be fundamentally a moral religion, while Islam is extortionist. A discussion of this along with other concerns about Islam, and how Christianity and Islam can both assure the world that neither Christian nor Muslim may understand any alleged communication from God as calling for something understood to be immoral, e.g., the slaying of innocent children.

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Is Mormonism a Knock-off of Islam?

There are interesting parallels between the reports of the revelation of Mohammed and those concerning the American Prophet, Joseph Smith. And since they are contradictory, how can we tell which, if either, is reporting facts and not dreams or concoctions?

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Reflections on John Milton and Muhammad and Joseph Smith

Thinking of Mohammed after hearing a recitation from Milton’s Paradise Lost.

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Defense of Muslim/Jewish/Christian Abraham

The case of the Jewish/Christian Abraham is unifed with that of the Muslim Abraham for a single defense for the “true” Abraham. Abraham is innocent of Kant’s charges. He acted entirely for the sake of his son.

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