Passing By On The Other Side

June 13, 2020

Suddenly, upon some serious reflection, I realized that I have been very much the priest or Levite with regard to race relations. I was not the one kneeling on the neck of George Floyd, but I have often been the one observing injustice and “passing by on the other side.” For a long time I supported praising the Confederacy via monuments, and just dismissed the horrors arising from that period as “past tense” and probably not too bad,* and did not acknowledge that it continues even until today as a state of mind and as actions ensuing from that state of mind and spawning hate and injury. 

* I remember learning as a teenager that slaves could not have been mistreated, or at least not badly, because they cost so much money and so had to be protected from harm.

I realize now this all has to change and there has to be dramatic shift in our telling of history. And the Confederate monuments must “come tumbling down.” I think that maybe some of the monuments in DC,* e.g., the Jefferson Memorial, need also to be removed. What would we think if the Germans started erecting monuments to leaders of the Third Reich? Indeed I am still troubled about how much Hitler was impressed by the American treatment of the Native Americans  (this is presented near the bottom of a recent blog on Hitler). I did not know about this because it was not included in my history lessons. That has to change.

* And as my friend LVR has reminded me, the “DC’ means District of Columbia (in honor of Christopher Columbus) and, according to my thinking, also needs to be changed.

Here is a story of a white woman who wanted to become antiracist.

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