God’s “Left-hand Joke” leading to the Trinity and the Full Personhood of Women and a Sustainable Population

November 6, 2013

Before the creation of the world, God addresses the angels.

God: Behold I create a hand, a perfect hand (of course). And I create a perfect glove for that hand.

Now behold again, I create a hand, another perfect hand.

Angels: Why would God create two identical things? What’s the point? Is this a joke?

God: I announce to you angels that while these two perfect hands are identical in every respect, they are still different and cannot wear the same glove.

Angels: This doesn’t make any sense. A perfect hand and a perfect glove for a perfect hand, and the glove doesn’t fit? It seems that either the hand or the glove is imperfect.

God: You angels must look at all this (and not just think about it) to see that these two hands are each a perfect hand and identical in every regard, and yet are different. I will now explain what I am about.

These two hands will be recognized by the humans (whom I shall create in my spiritual image) as the left and right hands. As such, since each is an archetype of the concept of hand, and since they are still different, they constitute what will be known as a bi-nity.* Accordingly they prove the fact of the multi-nity which opens the door for the human to accept the Tri-nity, three perfect archetypes or Versions of Myself, where each is also different. In other words a tri-nity will be no more absurd or illogical than the bi-nity which will be clear to the humans as a fact by observing the two hands (or two ears, feet etc.), each constituting a version of one and the same thing.**

* See Trinity for an expanded exposition of this notion of the bi-nity and the following multi-nity. Also there is the history of left-handed people.

** Immanuel Kant made much of this bi-nity (not his terminology). Each of the two hands is perfectly described by the concept of hand (there being no such concept as left-hand or right-hand) and yet there is an internal difference involving them but which can only be discerned by taking an external look at them. Furthermore left and right are not things, but only the way the humans look at things, their mode of viewing, for when two people are facing each other, to the left of the one is to the right of the other. And one’s “here” can be another’s “there.” On this see Anschauung.

I am going further with this. I’m going to make the human such that about 10% of them will favor the left hand for writing and 90% the right (with a few being ambidextrous). This will seem strange to the humans. They would expect either all to be left-handed or all to be right-handed or to be divided 50/50. While initially there will be discrimination against the left-handers by the right-handers (the majority), and while the left-handers will even be considered as rebellious and unnatural and “sinister”* for a while, eventually the left-handers will be accepted as a natural human with an odd, innate proclivity;** that so-called queer “difference that makes no difference”.

* The French word for “left” is “gauche” = lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward. The older Anglo-Saxon word (lyft) meant “weak” or “clumsy”. And the old Latin word for left (sinistra) is the root of the English word “sinister” or evil. Kant, expressing the science of the 1700’s, counted all humans as naturally right-handed, and the exceptions (left-handers) were like cross-eyed people who just needed treatment (see Regions, page 40).

** There is nothing really odd about the left-hander; what is odd is that approximately 90% of the population favors one hand and 10% the other (ignoring the small number that have no favorite), and that this has been going on for thousands of years and still without a conclusive explanation.

Angles: What’s the point?

God: On its own this would be of little value. But consider this. I will also at first make most people heterosexual and some homosexual (and some bisexual). It will be by virtue of comparison with the left-hander that the homosexual can eventually be accepted as natural, and not as an unnatural or rebellious beast. In the same way that the left-hander will eventually be accorded full respect and where two left-handers may marry each other, even so the homosexual will come to be accorded full respect and where two people of the same sex will be allowed to marry. The homosexual will be considered as natural as, and no more queer than, the left-hander.

Now I take this to the next step. By virtue of the marriage of two of the same sex, the marriage will finally no longer be considered as a man and a woman, but rather two persons. And so the  outcome (of gay and lesbian marriage) will be that the woman will be recognized and finally accorded full personhood and equality with the man, and will be considered in no way inferior to him.

And that is what I have intended here: the proof of the multi-nity via the actuality of the bi-nity (and ensuing plausibility of the tri-nity) and the full personhood of women and full equality with men. The point of my “joke” then is that the woman will unexpectedly and finally be accepted and recognized as totally equal to the man before the law and my throne.*

* The immediate champion of the woman will be the same-sex couple, while the ultimate and original champion will be the left-hander, the originally rejected one, the “sinister” one.

Angels: Wow!

God: And one more thing. As a further gift to my beloved human children, the recognition and acceptance of the homosexual will expand to a recognition and acceptance and even promotion of bisexuality. By virtue of the bisexual* society will be able to encourage people into opting for a gay marriage (and no children) or for a straight marriage (with children) as needed in order to achieve a population size which would match the available resources. And this would be accomplished without need of abortions or chemicals or surgeries or  prophylactics or even self-control; a world of happy couples having lots of fun and enjoying the full delights of human existence and with just the right number of children to keep the world going on a “straight” and sustainable path.**

* There is growing evidence that many, and perhaps most, people are actually bisexual, although the majority do not realize it due to a lack of an appropriate exposure. See also this study about women being either gay or bi, but not straight. And finally consider the rapid changes taking place in American views about gays. Recently I learned of two adolescent guys who were having sex together on a rather routine basis; and suddenly one day one of two refused to continue saying: “I’ve learned that this makes us fags, and I don’t want to be fag.”

** See Paul and the Identification of Homosexuals and Heterosexuals for a suggested explanation of how it was that the Christians’ St. Paul spoke so vehemently against same-sex sex and why he would speak differently today. Many German Catholic clergy are coming to. providing the blessing of gay couples.

Angels: Super wow!

Two Jokes Regarding Left

1. In England to drive on the left side is to drive on the right side and to drive on the right side is to drive on the wrong side. A total absurdity, and yet it makes perfect sense, for we understand the play on words.*

* For the reader who is not so skilled in English, the first “right” means “proper” and the second “right” means “opposite of left”.

2. A joke for Christians (learned from somewhere): a grandmother and her grandson sit on the porch and admire a beautiful sunset. The grandmother says, “that is so beautiful that I think God must have painted that with his own hand.” The kid responds with, “then it would have to be his left hand.” “Why is that?” his grandmother asks wonderingly? The grandson replies: “because Jesus is sitting on God’s right hand.”*

* Again for the reader not versed in English or Christian talk, the “on the right hand” here indicates “to the right side of God.”

See also Right Handed Cartoonist Turning Left.

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