Loss of spontaneity upon the advent of fear and death

October 21, 2013

God created the humans as spontaneous creatures, where impulse and thought and speech were all free and unrestrained. When Eve or Adam, for example, spied a pretty bird, they would automatically break out with “pretty bird” and maybe in a musical tone. There would be no capacity for hiding anything, not even for intended surprises.*

* According to C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce, when people in hell opt for heaven, they become totally transparent and nothing is hidden, but also where it doesn’t matter any more. If they choose to remain in hell, they can remain with their secrets and embarrassments and spend eternity avoiding others.

Adam and Eve realized that they now (after eating the forbidden fruit) had something to hide. There might be a giveaway to Father and he would realize that they had broken his command while he was not looking. And that would mean death, as Father had promised. Little did they realize at that time that death had already seized them with the advent of fear, here the fear of discovery, the fear and calculation (instead of spontaneity) which accompany deceit.* Oh what a torment this was to unleash upon the world, the birth of the secret world, where you have to be careful in your speech and not trip yourself up and give yourself away and appear like the emperor with no clothes!

* Death then is an effort to avoid God, to hide from God, to exist without God, to keep secrets. This is the real death, and not the physical death which is just a doorway to the next chapter in human existence. See Genesis 3:8 where Adam and Eve run away from God and hide.

Gandhi spoke of such a world in this wise: God has already given the humans all that is needed to solve all the problems of this wretched world, but did so fragmentally, giving part of the whole to every person and so which must be shared in order to be grasped and recognized and implemented for happiness to reign universally. But (ever since Adam and Eve died, i.e., ran away from God*) humans don’t share and give spontaneously; we trade, we buy and sell and calculate, and conceal our thinking until the right time for maximizing our return. That’s the difference. That’s fear and death and worry. It is trading and dealing instead of giving freely. It’s calculation and restraint instead of free expression and spontaneity.

* This my own take on Gandhi’s thesis, that this fear and selfishness arose after the death of the humans per the Genesis story.

The modern conception of a Christian marriage, i.e., a trinity of the two human members of the marriage along with the spirit of Jesus or the Holy Spirit, not only serves a universal human need (see the Introduction of the essay on the Golden Rule) but provides a means of uninhibited speech and spontaneous sharing at least among the two human members. 

See also: Better understanding of the Prince of the World.

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