The Incognito Easter Message of Master Noah St. John

March 18, 2013

The reader should first view the following video of Noah St. John.

Young Master Noah takes us into the depths of despair (and what might be called Hell) and psychologically we have already entered into that Hell and we are crying out, “O God O God. It’s over. It was a dream. This life was a dream. It wasn’t ever real. It was phony. It was horrible. Frighting. So frighting (and I think of the hired girl servant in  the film Amadeus). It’s over. I am dead. I have died. The rest is only the pain to come.

“And then the miracle. Out of the blue! What was false was actually the fear. That’s what was a dream, a nightmare. That’s what never had to be lived had I known in advance. But then what a joy to realize that my life is real as I knew it. Fear was the dream. Fear led me to despair. Instead of wandering apart from each other, we (our family) would all remain together like this forever more and on in to a new life, but together. Together. That’s the greatest of all. We’re together.

“And then the beauty of the justification, the magical mile together, always together. The car was there before I was born. It was my car. It was our car. It belongs to everyone and I am one of everyone and so therefore it belongs to me, as one of the individuals of this union called family. No one is to be left out. We are in this together, always together, for we are a family.”

It’s an Easter message, now I think, provided by an Omnipotent and Benevolent Power, that we really have no reason to fear, “for though Jesus was dead, I am exhilarated to tell you that he has risen from the dead.” God has validated what this man always told us, that we are free from all shackles and are invited to join the band of this miraculous man and we will also be forever free of the chains of fear, for we personally know as a fact that we have no reason ever again to be afraid. “His Truth is Marching On”. That is the promise and it is to this that Wesley testified, “what the gospel promises has been accomplished in my soul”, i.e., I no longer fear. I am not afraid. I will to do his bidding, I will empty myself entirely in order that Jesus’ love might be manifested through me to my blind brothers and sisters who live in fear.

Thoughts on divorce.

We can see why Jesus would have spoken out against divorce. It was a contradiction in terms. I see the marriage now in the church as a trinity of two people along with Jesus. There is simply no place for fear in the presence of Jesus, and where Jesus will not sleep (as Pope Benedict maintained). And besides, how can two people reflect their full humanity, totally naked in the presence of each other and with no restraints and totally without fear? How can that be even conceivable except that union cannot be broken. People will have to learn to live together, and as long as Jesus is there in the trinity, that will happen, the promise of the Lord. If it were even possible that some secret among them could be revealed to another person, that would not a crime; it would be treason. It is treason. It is the worst of the worst. Two people cannot be naked (no secrets among them from each other–the Taboo) unless they trust each other without limit. There is no other way. Otherwise it is parody. No one can keep a secret from the other, except it be in the spirit of the two Lesbian parents of Master Noah, i.e., to spring a loving surprise, a happiness, a delight, a wonderful something that all without exception would take part in. Again like a trinity, one spirit and three personifications.

This is then instilled in the children if there be any. The greatest crime: to lie to another. That is the crime of crimes. There is no greater crime. “Don’t you lie to me” Daddy once said to me as he drew back his hand to show the just consequences. “Don’t you ever lie to me!”

And so divorce is not possible both for the sake of the marriage itself (unrestrained sharing) and also, if appropriate, for the sake of any children. The Christian church will have to work its way back to this original understanding.

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