Lin and the organization of cooperative competition

February 19, 2012

I think Jeremy Lin is on to something big that I had never considered before, namely the institution of conflict for the sake of the common good. I should have had a hint of it in my wife’s Japanese background. To make it work really well you need to have the anschauung or view of Mr. Jeremy Lin that everything is being done as a way of loving God, of doing all possible things to be ready to be called on by God as a victor for him. So God then, I guess, is recognizing the love of Lin and is calling upon him now and then to serve him and where Lin is under a self discipline always to be ready to serve him, on a moment’s notice, be it a shot at the basket or to give himself to someone else.

I find this attitude a fascinating tie in with the Wesleyan Covenant Prayer of total identification with God via the Holy Spirit. It also incorporates a self discipline called for by the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15).

It’s like Lin wants always to be ready to serve God in any way and at any moment, and if God permits the sheen of victory to accrue to him momentarily, Lin thanks for letting him shine for God, to honor him with a win. To show God is active in the world.

And so there is this excitement and exuberance that comes from a competition and especially in a team play. And this then will be utilized in the organization of humanity. It will be a field of competition and where all activities are undertake out of love for God and to his honor. Choirs will compete with each other for the prize of victory, and production assets will also compete for the price of victory, and the victory is having been selected to honor God in this way (by winning the trophy), and where all money is shared, and all activity is for the love of God who loves us individually because he loves us all together. “The thief is my brother.”

This, as I see more clearly, is the element that was missing in the commune of the First Church Jerusalem (Act 4) namely the Chinese organizational insight into the role of team competition and competition among the team members (where the supreme rule is: work for the team, and be the best you can–just don’t show off, do it for God and that means doing it right).

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