St. Paul’s Letter To Christians In Rome

The gist of the letter of Saint Paul to the Christians in Rome.

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The Term “Identification” as Used in a Previous Post is a Contranym

How one word (Identification) can be homonymous in its usage at different times.

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Passing By On The Other Side

Our history books have failed to present fairly the history of black Americans and we are reaping the results in our present society.

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St. Paul and the Identification of Heterosexuals and Homosexuals

In St. Paul’s time there was no way of thinking of people except as straight, and thus same-sex sex would have been considered as unnatural by him. Homosexual and heterosexual were not terms until the mid 19th century. In an analogous sense it was also a long time until left-handedness was generally accepted.

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Cheney’s 1% Principle applied to Climate Change

Former VP Cheney’s insisted that we had to act if there were only a 1% chance that Pakistan was helping al-Queda obtain an atomic weapon. I maintain that his logic also holds if there is a 1% chance that humans are effecting climate change.

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Something good in Hitler?

How Hitler might have considered himself as working for the good of the world.

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Alma Deutscher in a society where talents belong to all.

The talents of a young girl as they could be developed in a society ruled per John Rawls’ assertion that talents belong not to the individual, but to the entire society.

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The Motivation of the Las Vegas Killer – a Theory

A theory on the motivation of the Las Vegas killer entailing atheism, older age and boredom.

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Suggestions for Christians debating with atheists.

A suggested Christian (and especially Wesleyan) approach to discussions with an atheist with regard to morality, a need for God, evil in the world and a call for compassion and justice for those never heard of Jesus.

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Better understanding of the Prince of the World.

Very brief contrast of the fear of the world and the fearlessness of Jesus.

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