Out Of God's Closet

by Stephen Frederick Uhl

comments by Philip McPherson Rudisill as of 10/7/10

pages 164 & 165

The "Golden Rule of Enlightened Selfishness" = "treat othes as you would reasonably want and expect them to treat you if your roles were reversed" (page 163).

Note: Underscoring not intended. The scaned copy of this book was already underscored.

Comment: It is worth nothing that Uhl's critique of Mt. 7:12 in the first complete paragraph of page 164 (on left) is incorrect but at the same time also aimed correctly.. What Jesus is doing here (as in several places, including most especially John 5) is to provide the correct standard for the interpretation of the Jewish scriptures, namely that everything must be understood in terms of the law of love (expressed here insufficiently as the Golden Rule). Therefore anything that does not conform literally to the law of love is to be interpreted in a way that does conform. For example the killing of all the people of Jericho must be interpreted figuratively as applying perhaps to sin in our lives, or as a misunderstanding of God's will on the part of the Hebrews. Briefly then the Jewish scripture is to be interpreted in terms of the Christian scripture and not vice-versa.

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