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Loss of spontaneity upon the advent of fear and death

A muse on how secrets and deceit destroy spontaneity and in that way produce a hell upon earth instead of the intended paradise.

Continue Leave a Comment October 21, 2013

Nutshell of Kant’s Religion Within The Bounds Of Sheer Reason

A brief look at Kant’s thinking and intention for his book on moral religion.

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Are Christianity and Islam Inherently Dangerous?

Kant considers Christianity to be fundamentally a moral religion, while Islam is extortionist. A discussion of this along with other concerns about Islam, and how Christianity and Islam can both assure the world that neither Christian nor Muslim may understand any alleged communication from God as calling for something understood to be immoral, e.g., the slaying of innocent children.

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The Incognito Easter Message of Master Noah St. John

Watching as a youth falls from his paradise and stands before the gates of hell. And then the gates open, and what does he find?

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Is Mormonism a Knock-off of Islam?

There are interesting parallels between the reports of the revelation of Mohammed and those concerning the American Prophet, Joseph Smith. And since they are contradictory, how can we tell which, if either, is reporting facts and not dreams or concoctions?

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Our Big Bang–Fixed or Fair?

Musing on the theory underlying the make up of our universe (leading as it does to intelligent life) and comparing it with a deck of cards in a four hand poker game.

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Mr. Lin and the praise of men and God

Trying still to clarify my own personal conception of the renowned Mr. Lin, here with focus on the role of praise and what really counts.

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Lin and the organization of cooperative competition

Trying to think as Lin might be thinking with regard to the dedication of his life to God, and how this could impact the way we produce our wealth and how a communal society might prosper.

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The Wesleyan pitch to the agnostic youth

A stab at making a concise appeal to the youth in deciding between atheism and (here Wesleyan) Christianity.

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Musing on the conversion of atheist Bill Maher to Free Christianity

Wondering about what would be required in order to convince Bill Maher (and the intelligent atheist in general) of the truth of the Free Christian message.

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