Some Muslim thinking regarding martyrdom.

July 21, 2015

The Muslims tell us this: “It is not necessary that I know for sure that some action is commanded by Allah, but only that I have some evidence which could suggest, or might be, such a command and which can be agreed to by another Muslim (one who is sincere and informed, e.g., an imam); this is sufficient for me to act in faith, i.e., to take the evidence (be it merely a hint or a dream), and not to be concerned about moral consequences, and instead to focus on my dedication to Allah and to undertake this action. Part of the meaning of such acting in faith is this: if I am mistaken and Allah does not want the action to happen, then Allah will stop it.*

* See Sura 37:102-111.

“Now if Allah stops me, then I will either remain alive or I will have been killed. If I remain alive, Allah will treat me according to my sincerity, for in that respect there is no distinction between me and a servant of Allah whom Allah allows to dies a martyr, and upon my eventual death I shall receive a paradise designed just for me. And if I die in pursuit of martyrdom (and even if before accomplishing the mission) and which (death) is indeed the best outcome for me, then I shall close my eyes in dying and open them immediately, like a quick blink, and will find that I am in a paradise of indescribable delights and pleasures and which vastly exceeds my imagination.” * **

* If the martyr were blessed by death via an explosion as in a suicide bombing, there will be no pain whatsoever, for the death will be simultaneous with the explosion, i.e., instantaneous, and then immediately he or she will be in a paradise.

** The only difference then is that a martyr will receive his paradise immediately while the sincere aspiring martyr, who did not die, will have to wait until the Day of Judgement to receive his reward of a paradise.

Another Muslim who will be treated the same as a martyr is one who prays sincerely for the opportunity of dying as a martyr for the sake of Islam and Allah, but who is never called to do so. Since sincerity is what counts before Allah, all three will obtain a paradise:

1. the one who dies a martyr,

2. the one who tries to die a martyr but who is stopped and remains alive, and

3. the one who sincerely prays to become a martyr, but who never finds what would constitute a test and trial, and so dies a normal death,

and the only difference will be when the deserved paradise is attained, either immediately or on the Day of Judgment.

Accordingly nothing could be smarter or more intelligent for any Muslim than to seek martyrdom. For in addition to the benefits described above, a martyr will miss all the downsides of a longer life, e.g., much suffering and pain (and only a very few delights); also the martyr will miss the risk of a future miscalculation and a failure to respond to a subsequent “test and trial” by Allah; or a conceivable renunciation of Islam in later life and the hell that that would portend.*

* Consider the little boy who was deliberately killed by an agent of Allah; since he dies while still young and innocent, the boy will obtain a paradise, while if he had lived longer it was certain that he would sin and receive a hell. See Sura 18:60-82. And also the logic of this very Sura indicates that there need be no concern about the apparent morality of such a killing, for Allah makes sure that everything works out well in the end.

In a word, life on earth can be described as short and bitter, while life in paradise will be long and sweet and more delightful than can be imagined by any human.*

* This consideration was articulated by the troubled young Muslim in Chattanooga, TN, who killed five American military personnel.

See Recommendation for Europeans in Dealing with potential Muslim martyrs.

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